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Clark Creek Natural Area
Trail Notes:

Waterfalls? In Mississippi? Of course..

Clark Creek Natural Area of southwestern Mississippi is one of the Magnolia State's most
beautiful outdoor treasures. Take the day for a visit, aside from the absolute crush of the
weekend crowds, you won't be sorry you went.

Comprising more than 2,000 acres, this Natural Area's officially highlighted by some 40
waterfalls (though you'll find only 6 along established trails), ranging from 10 to more than
25 feet in height. Creation and protection of this fabulous area came about in 1978 from
cooperation between the Mississippi Wildlife Heritage Committee, Wilkinson County,
David Bramlette, International paper Co. and the Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and

Clark Creek's steeply sloping hills host a mixed hardwood and pine forest dominated by
beech and magnolia. Here, visitors discover a variety of colorful migrating and resident
birds; invertebrates; poisonous snakes; a rare land snail; the federally endangered Carolina
magnolia vine; a state endangered fish, the Southern red belly dace. This forested tract also
provides excellent habitat for another threatened species in Mississippi -- the black bear.

The terrain at Clark Creek is physically demanding and visitors should be medically fit
before going afield. Clark Creek is located in a somewhat remote part of the county,
medical and other assistance can be a long way off. Be certain to be careful. WATCH

There is no potable water at Clark Creek, and users should plan to take plenty on any
outing. A compass and topographic map (one you've bought, NOT one you've printed from
the link on this web page) are recommended before venturing off established tracts at Clark

Please help keep the Clark Creek Natural Area clean. Pack out all trash and disposable
items. Help the Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks maintain this unique area in a
pristine condition for future generations of outdoor-loving Mississippians, Louisianians and
Pennsylvanians to enjoy.

User Groups:

Bird-watching, hiking, photography and botanizing are encouraged at Clark Creek on
established trails. Hunting is not allowed on the property. Camping and motorized vehicles
are not allowed. Due to the area's small size and the highly erodible nature of the loess soil,
only foot traffic is permitted.


Day use permits are required; available on site; nominal fee


Clark Creek Natural Area lies amid the lush vegetation of Wilkinson County, 13 miles
southwest of historic Woodville in the community of Pond. Baton Rouge is roughly 55 miles
to the south, Natchez nearly 40 miles to the north on U.S. 61, and Jackson 150 miles

From Baton Rouge, take Hwy. 61 north, past St. Francisville. Turn left on Angola
Prison road, otherwise known as Hwy. 66. Eventually, Hwy. 969 will fork off to the
right, Turn Right There. Pond, Mississippi is at the junction of Hwy. 969 & Hwy.
24, 25 minutes from St. Francisville, La. (Pond General Store will be off to your
left, next to the duck pond)

From Jackson, visitors should take Interstate 55 south to McComb. Proceed
west on Highway 24/48 to Woodville. Continue through Woodville on Highway
24, and at the Clark Creek highway sign (on outskirts of Woodville), turn left onto
the Woodville-Pond Road.

Drive about 13 miles to the community of Pond, turn right and proceed across
the cattle gap up toward the large, white building that serves as the Pond Store.
Directions are available at the store.


USGS Fort Adams Quadrangle; provided for illustrative purposes only --> note
the extreme topographic conditions surrounding Clark creek and pond,

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